Dental Implants Made Easy. 

“No one should suffer because of a critical missing tooth or non functioning loose dentures”


Implants are ideal to replace most missing teeth or solve problems with loose dentures.


Minimally invasive and easy placement, high reliability and cost effectiveness make Maples Dental Clinic implants solutions and excellent choice to solve your dental implant needs.  Starting with a consultation and diagnostic radiograph we can develop a plan to solve most dental needs and provide you with a written estimate.


The Maples Dental Clinic is pleased to be able to offer a one stop solution for implant placement and restoration.


Single tooth implant placement with crown - $3000.00

Single tooth implant placement only, restored by your dentist outside of the practice - $1463.00

Two teeth implant placement with 3 tooth bridge - $7093.00

Complete lower denture held in by two implants - $5931.00

Complete upper denture held in by four implants - $9413.00

Sinus lift procedure if needed - $601.00

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