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Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also called endodontic treatment, is the process of removing the pulp (live tissue inside your tooth) when it becomes injured, infected or has died.  The pulp is made of nerves and blood vessels.  When the pulp is infected it can be extremely painful and cause an abscess to form.  To allow you to keep the tooth, the infected pulp must be removed and replaced with a filling material to seal the pulp space off.


  • the dentist numbs the tooth

  • a protective rubber dam is placed around the tooth being treated to protect the tooth from being re-infected from bacteria in your mouth and to keep the materials we use from getting in your mouth,

  • a small hole is made in the tooth to access the pulp

  • using files and disinfectants, the dentist cleans the root canal system all the way to the tip of the root

  • the dentist then fills and seals the canal and the opening into the tooth is also sealed.

  • a crown is then usually recommended to support the tooth and prevent fractures since the inside of the tooth is hollowed out and may become weak and brittle.

  • Root canals can be done in one or two appointments and there may be a small amount of tenderness for a week or two after.  Swelling and severe pain are NOT common and you should contact your dentist if this occurs after root canal treatment.

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